The API is exclusively available to registered users. To authorize your API requests, an access token is required. The access tokens identify the API user and their corresponding access tier limitations. Please visit the website to learn about the tiers and to submit an access token request. To learn more about rate limites and quotas please read the Rate limits and quotas documentation page.

Authorization header

The access token should be included in the Authorization header:

curl --request GET \
    '' \
    --header "Authorization: 55f79117-fc4d-4d60-9956-65423f39a06a"

The access token provided in the example above is for the demonstration purposes only, and has limited capabilities.

To learn how to include the Authorization header in Casper SDKs to access the Casper Node please read the Connecting with an SDK page.

Accessing from a browser

At this moment provides only the server side integration. By using your access token in a front-end application, you'll expose it to the world.


You can request the usage report by sending an email from your registered account to

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