Introduction is an enterprise-grade middleware platform aimed to super-charge developers and to be the primary way for dApps to interact with the Casper Network. It provides access to indexed and enriched blockchain data, real-time streaming subscriptions, and access to reliable and maintained Casper Node. The APIs include: was built with developer experience in mind and expands the Casper Node RPC API with more data points and querying possibilities, which are not available via the native node API. You can check for examples in the Highlights section.


To get familiar with, we recommend that you read these documents:

  • Overview Learn about the general technical aspects of API, and how it works

  • Getting started Learn how to make your first API request and start your integration with the Casper Network

  • Highlights Learn about API possibilities, which aren't present in the Casper Node RPC API

  • REST API Get familiar with the REST API reference to know what endpoints are available

  • Streaming API Get familiar with the Streaming API reference to know what Web Socket subscriptions are available

  • Casper Node API Learn how to connect to the private Casper Node powered by using the most popular SDKs


If you have any questions or run into any issues while using the Web API, you can find help in the Developer Community. Here you can connect and get help from other developers.

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