CSPR.cloud indexes and normalizes on-chain data to improve developers' experience when building on the Casper Network. Below are examples that demonstrate some of the possibilities CSPR.cloud offers. For the full list, please see the API reference pages.

  • Including related entities Receive related entities in a single response to minimize the number of network requests needed to load the data

  • Including CSPR rates Include CSPR rates that were relevant at the moment of a transfer, contract call, or reward creation

  • Including account info Include account info information provided by the account owner in the responses that contain account identifiers

  • Accessing auction data Query granular pieces of the auction data that interest you, like all account delegations or a list of the current era validators

  • Accessing token data Query fungible token data relevant to your dApp

  • Accessing NFT data Query NFT movements and ownership from CSPR.cloud while focusing on the core business value of your application

  • Accessing historical contract costs Check aggregated historical contract costs to provide your users with better pricing

  • De-anonymizing account hashes Translate account hashes to the corresponding public key for accounts that were observed on the network

  • De-anonymizing account purses Translate account main purses to the account public keys to better trace the fund movements

  • Receiving contract-level events Subscribe to contract-level events the contracts from your dApps emit to track and aggregate the off-chain state for a better user experience

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